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Isn't it time to modernize your forms?
No more visits to the printer!
VSS offers the service of integrating your data
with custom forms printed on your standard laser printers,
sent by VisiFax, and emailed as PDF.

These forms contain not only the data
that you would print on your pre-printed forms
but the actual form, logo and watermarks.

To watch an illustrated presentation,
with actual examples of our forms
click here.

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General concepts

  • We start from your existing form or new design.

  • Forms are produced identically in multiple output formats.

    1. HP standard laser printer PCL5 and PCL5c.

    2. PostScript, for email and PDF documents.

    3. VisiFax.

  • All form layout is set by printer dots (image pixels).

    1. 300 dpi (default) or 600 dpi.

    2. Positions and geometries to nearest dot

  • Outputs in monochrome (black/white) and in color.

  • Portrait or landscape aspects.

  • 8.5 x 11 paper standard.

  • No printer drivers - output sent raw to printer.

Object Oriented Printer Files (i.e., PCL/Postscript)

  • Graphics Objects.

    1. Horizontal and vertical Lines.

    2. Arbitrary straight lines.

    3. Rectangles.

    4. Circles.

    5. Regular polygons (3 to 8 sides).

    6. Line and border thickness adjustable

    7. White, black, or color fills for closed objects.

    8. Watermarks.

  • All text is comprised of objects.

    1. Fixed texts form background text, like printed stock.

    2. Text placeholders for variable customer/user data

Text Features

  • Text Fonts.

    1. Standard Laser Printer Fonts: Courier New, Arial, Times New Roman, Symbol, Garamond, Palatino, Barcode 39.

    2. Support for all resident printer fonts.

    3. Support for user-downloaded fonts.

  • Text Styles.

    1. Bold, italic, shaded, outline, slanted, vertical in-line, even white on shading.

    2. Type size is set as desired.

  • Each text item individually formatted.


  • Can be downloaded to printer and invoked in PCL as user-defined custom fonts.

  • Can be printed as color or black/white PCL and PostScript images.

  • Logo preparation is a separate service of VSS.

Color Forms Included

  • Color PCL/GL2 for printing on color laser printers.

  • Color PostScript for email and Adobe PDF transmission.

  • 11 color palette is default for color.

  • 5 custom colors may be defined for each form, for 16 standard colors.

  • Downloaded logos and images may have 255 colors.

Industry Standard Output Formats

  • PCL 5 for black and white laser printers.

  • PCL 5c for color laser printers.

  • Postscript output permits emailing forms in color.

  • VisiFax output is provided.

  • Final output forms are identical in all formats.

No Preprinted Form Stock

  • Make changes easily as your business requirements change.

  • No trips to a print shop.

  • No loading forms in printer; no preprinted stock.

Simple Job Cycle

  • Email to us a scan or image (sketch or old form marked up).

  • We produce a trial printed page (or pages) in email and on your printer(s).

  • Using your feedback we finish with a final form, with your merged data.