initial setup:

The installation menu (im/13) has a new selection that allows you to specify for this user which files he may access. In any case where this is not filled out for a given user, then that user has access to all files.

In using the online report writer, first, the user is required to logon with an id and password. After that a list of files (on the left hand side) are shown. In the center is a list of the reports that he has run in the past:

At this stage, a user can elect to view, edit, print, purge or delete one of his reports. To create a new report, he will select a file from the file list on the left hand side. This will cause the report writer to be displayed:


the user will name the report and then will select the fields to be displayed, the sorting sequence, fields to be totalled, etc.

next. he will schedule and submit the report:

He can elect to run this once (at any time of day), daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

when the report has been generated, a link will be sent to the user, by email. He will click on that link and then be taken to this online report system where he can view the report online or print it.

Your online report is ready
click below to view*1096

Attached is your WEB Report.
Attachment: vss*1096.xls

Additionally, he may elect to receive a text, pdf and/or excel version of this report which will also be sent to him by email.


In viewing the report the user may use the search feature to go directly to a certain section of the report, he may use the page numbers to go directly to a certain page. he may toggle line numbers on and off