Enhancements to accounts payable payment processing.


Manual check processing/printing:


This feature automatically creates a voucher record (if needed) and offers the option to print  the check during the manual check entry process.  The sequence of processing is:


  1. Enter the check information as usual
  2. When you enter the Invoice Number..if the invoice doesn’t exist in the VOUCHER file then a promt is displayed asking:   CREATE VOUCHER NOW?
  3. the VOUCHER is then created


  1. Once the manual check entry is finished an option is offered to PRINT the check.



Enhancements to Automatic Cash Handling (ACH)/Wit payments:


The ACH program has been enhanced so that the user may enter the bank’s CONFIRMATION# during the “check posting process”.   This confirmation number  will be posted to the CHECK record and can be displayed on inquiry screens.


Although no actual check is produced in the ACH program a remittance advise is produced and depending on the vendor’s preference is printed, faxed or emailed showing the confirmation  number and the invoice numbers and amounts being paid.


..nancy..here can you just add the same information we sent in a previous newsletter about ACH (I think about two months ago)


Tech Tip


To get a quick summary of information within a file you can use the SUM verb.

As an example, SUM SHIPPING EXT-PRICE would show you one line of information with the extended price, 




The Mark Information Systems software allows you to use a file called the CATALOG-FILE as a kind of “shadow file” of the PRODUCT-MASTER file.    This file contains information about products that you do NOT carry and do NOT have in your PRODUCT-MASTER file.    The objective is to have the information readily available without cluttering up the PRODUCT-MASTER file.


Most often the information is put into this file when you receive a disk from your vendor with all of his items.  The “conversion” program updates the information on the items in your PRODUCT-MASTER file..and for those products that are not in your PRODUCT-MASTER file it will put  the information (product number, description, cost, suggested price, etc.) into the CATALOG-FILE. 


When you “search for” a product using any of the product searching options these CATALOG records will be displayed along with the products in the PRODUCT MASTER file.  However, they’ll be identifed with an asterisk.

Search for item:      TEST

ABC                        TESTING ITEM

XYZ  *                    ANOTHER TESTING ITEM



 If you “select” one of these items you’ll then be given the item of ACCEPTING the product..  If you answer A (accept)  then the item is updaed to the PRODUCT-MASTER file.  It will also appear on the NEW-PRODUCTS lisitng (IC/12)


The purpose of this file is to create a kind of shadow file to the PRODUCT-MASTER without creating an unnecessarily large PRODUCT-MASTER file.