JULY, 2000





This enhancement allows the user  access to the inquiry menu while displaying an email message.  (Example, while reading an email regarding a sales order, the user can then display the sales order or customer inquiry screen without leaving the email message).



User friendly spooler menu allows you to display open print jobs without going to TCL.  When this option is selected all spooler jobs are displayed (or just those generated by the user - dependent on user’s permission levels).  In addition to the usual information displayed the first line of meaningful data is also shown (usually the report title).  Options then are displayed to:


a. Print individual jobs or a range of jobs, this option also allows you to automatically delete the jobs after printing.

b. Delete individual jobs or a range of jobs.

c. Search through jobs for a particular string of characters, or a particular page or to go to the last page (for example, to just see the total page).

d. Display jobs on the screen (includes the capability to search for a particular string or page, or just to display the last page).  This option also allows you to print from the “search point” forward.  In this option if the report is a “computer size” report then the screen is automatically compressed so that the report prints properly on your screen.

e. Re-direct jobs or a range of jobs from one printer to another.



Ability to make changes to your Set.Printer without going to TCl.  Changes take affect without requiring you to logoff.



This enhancement allows the user to enter a check# and see the detail of that check through IQ/4, “Vendor Inquiry.”






A small but important bug has been reported in the processing of Master Releases. 


First, the programs prompt:  DO YOU WANT TO PROCESS THIS PARTIAL SHIPMENT.  At this point if you answer Y then the Master Order is reduced by the quantities being  released. 


Next it prompts:  I=IGNORE     If you answer I to ignore this partial shipment then the Sales Order will not be created but the Master Order will still be reduced by the quantities that were released.


If you use the Master Release and would like this fixed, please let us know.