For Mark Users












1.    Quotation Conversion Report

A report that shows a salespersonís effectiveness in converting quotations to sales.It is run for a specified time period and can be reported by salesperson or written-by.It also has the option of a page break between salespersons (or written-by codes) for individual distribution.

This report shows the quote number, customer, written-by, salesperson, quote date, quote amount, the order number it was converted to and the amount of the quote that was converted.


2.    Quote Messages (QMs)

A system to alert specified persons when a quotation is entered.Based on a user flag, a special message is sent to a customerís salesman when a quotation is entered for that customer.A message can also be sent to other specified personnel (such as a branch or sales manager).These messages are similar to ?M messages in that each recipient can control his own list of messages.When accessing these messages, the user can go directly to quotation entry in order to view or change the quotation.


3.    Quotation Deletion Messages

When a quotation is deleted, the user must specify a reason the quotation is being deleted.This reason and details about the quote are then sent in a message to the salesperson and/or written-by on the quote.


4.    Quotation Time Stamp

A timestamp similar to the order timestamp that logs when changes are made to the header of the quote.It also logs when a quote is converted to an order.


5.    Auto Save for Orders, Quotes and Purchase Orders

Automatically saves the last order, quote or PO a user is accessing for recovery in case a problem occurs.This is useful when a communication problem occurs between the userís terminal or PC and the main system (especially in remote locations).Once the user logs back on, he simply types a command to restore the document.This works on new orders, quotes and POs that have not yet been saved as well as changes to that were being made to existing documents.


6.    Control Character Removal Module

Allows clearing an entire file of all control characters.The files can also be set up in Groups so the removal process can be run for many files at once.This module includes an on-screen report showing the number of bad characters found and removed.These characters are often responsible for errors in screen display and printing.



7.    Control Character Removal For Records As They Are Created

Includes modifications to various programs that create and save records such as orders, POs, quotes, vendors, customers and parts.At the point where a record is saved in the system, all control characters are removed from the record.This prevents the majority of bad characters in the system and helps keep printouts and cross-reference files clean.


8.    Customer Time Stamp

Keeps a log of changes that have been made to a customerís file.Like the transaction time stamps, it shows the time, date, port and user that made the change (and which field was changed).


9.    Vendor Time Stamp

Like the customer time stamp, only for the vendor file.


10.           AR Aging Email or Report

A report that is automatically run on a weekly or monthly basis showing all customers that are past due.The number of days past due and the minimum amount past due are defined in a setup screen and can be changed. This report can be printed, sent as a ?M message, or emailed to specified users.


11.           Auto Logoff of Unused Ports

Automatically logs off a port that has been inactive for a specified period of time.The time is setup by port so each can be different.A terminal is not logged off if the user is in the process of entering something such as an order, quote etc.This modification increases security by not allowing a user to use anotherís terminal to get around passwords and such.It is also helpful for systems with a limited number of Pick licenses.


12.           Quick Access to Inquiry Screens from Order Entry

Allows a user who is in the process of creating an order, PO, stock transfer or quotation to toggle between the document they are working on and the IQ.3, IQ.4 and IQ.5 screens without having to save the document, exit it and return.


13.           Intercom Message Range Deletion

Allows deleting a range of ?M messages quickly without having to delete one at a time.






14.           Blanket PO Tracking

A customer blanket PO number is entered in the customer file along with a maximum amount and cutoff date for the PO number.Once the maximum or cutoff date is reached, any user attempting to enter an order for the customer is alerted.Depending on how this modification is set up, order entry can be restricted or the user can simply be warned and allowed to continue.


15.           Faxing Multiple Invoices to a Customer

Allows a user to enter a list of invoices to be faxed to a customer all at once.A lookup feature is also provided so the invoice numbers do not have to be known.


16.           Suspending POs

Allows suspending POs so they can be accessed later without being saved first (similar to order suspending).


17.           Suspending Quotations

Like PO and order suspending but for quotes.


18.           New Detailed Timestamp for Orders and POs

More detail is added to the timestamp.Instead of just showing which field or part was changed, it shows what it was before the change and after the change.For instance, it will show that on part XYZ the cost was changed from $2.00 to $1.50.


19.           Auto Purging

Allows the user to set up the number of months each file in the system should be kept.A phantom process then automatically runs once a week to purge all files requested.Each file is set up individually so for example, you may choose to keep 5 years of invoices in the system but only 2 years of POs.A file can also be set up so that it is never purged if desired.This module also includes a status report that shows when the last time each file was purged, how many months of data were kept and how long the purge process took.


20.           Updating All Documents When a Part Description is Changed

When a part description is changed, the user is given the option to update all open orders, POs and quotes with the new description.







21.           Forwarding Messages

Allows forwarding ?M messages to another user.This is handy for users going out of town or on vacation.The setup screen includes fields for what day and time the forwarding should start and stop.It also allows entry of what user should receive the messages.When a message is sent, the sender receives notification that the recipient has requested forwarding.The sender is then given the option to send the message to the original user, the forwarding user or both.The sender also sees a note left by the recipient if desired.


22.           Screen Reports

Allows viewing any report that can be printed on the screen.


23.           Email Reports

Allows sending any report on the system as an email attachment.


24.           Automatic Emailing of Reports

Email reports automatically to specified users on a regular basis.Excellent for monthend or weekly report.


25.           Email & Fax Logs

These reports give an overview of how many customers and vendors are utilizing the option to receive Pos, statements and invoices via email or fax over time.Gives an overview day to day of how many faxes or emails were sent and to how many different customers.A day can be selected so you can see the detail (which invoices, etc. were faxed).


26.           Salesman Summary Screen

Shows an overview of a salespersonís sales for the current year by month and how the sales compare to last year.Also show individual orders placed each day.Similar to the IQ.5.?S screen but with more detail.Can be restricted so that a salesperson can only see his screen but a manager can see all salespeople.


27.           Customer Sales Drilldown

Pulled up from IQ.3, this report asks for starting and ending MMYY and then show sales by category with comparison to last year.A category can be selected and it will show detail (each part) sales.


28.           Top Customer Sales

Enter a part or category, starting and ending MMYY and the report shows the top customers in sales for that part or category.




29.           Emailing UR Reports

Allows emailing any report generated from UR in an Excel spreadsheet format.


30.           Fax Feedback Refax

Allows user to quickly resend a fax from the ?M feedback message.


31.           Delivery Schedule

Programs to allow scheduling deliveries by branch, truck or route.This can be accessed during order entry so that a salesperson can view the delivery schedule and help the customer schedule a delivery date and time.


32.           New Master Release Screen

A new more user friendly program for releasing parts from a master release order.Shows all parts available on the order and allows the user to select parts & qtys but also allows easily changing the qtys and which parts are selected before moving on to order entry.User can go forward and back without losing any of the selected parts.Eliminates some bugs recently found in the Mark releasing program.


33.           Automatic Emailing of Customer Documents

Includes a setup screen by customer.If a customer would like invoices, statements, order confirmations or shipping confirmations emailed, set it up in this new screen and the documents will get emailed out automatically.Invoices and statements can still be printed if desired or the printing can be stopped for those customers.Setup screen includes the email address(es) for this function.


34.           Showroom Appointment Schedule

Appointment scheduler that allows you to quickly view who has appointments scheduled for a given day.The first screen is an overview that shows the users and the times of their appointments.The 2nd screen shows detail (who the appointment is with and whether the appointment has been confirmed).


35.           New Backorder Report

Show parts that have been backordered but are available at another branch.


36.           Automatic Bulletin Display

Automatically displays bulletins when a user first signs on.If a bulletin has been viewed by the user already, it will not show again.



37.           Custom User Menus

Allows setting up custom menus for each user (or type of user) so that only those programs used by the user are displayed when they log on.Includes a search function to quickly find a report or program.This reduces the need for passwords and cleans up the userís screen quite a bit.Each report or program is assigned a 4-digit code so that a user can quickly jump to a program without having to go through various sub menus.


38.           Reprinting Documents

A screen that shows all Pos, pick tickets and packing slips recently printed and allows selecting items for reprint.Useful in case printer jams or runs out of paper.


39.           Document Changed Warning

Warns user if an order has been ship acknowledged or a PO has been received while they had the order or PO up on the screen.Prevents these documents from being changed or overwritten.


40.           Document Locks

Disallows user from bringing up an order or PO if another user has the document up on their screen so that one userís changes donít get lost.Includes a screen that shows all documents being accessed by users and allows removing the lock if necessary.This affects only order & PO entry programs, not the inquiry programs.Note that this is not accomplished through the old PICK locks that cause so many problems!


41.           Forced Password Update

Forces user to create a new password after a specified amount of time has elapsed.


42.           Alternate Printer Setup

If a printer has a problem, you can set up an alternate printer.All Pos, pick tickets and packing slips that would normally go to the printer with a problem will be rerouted to the alternate printer until the setup is changed.


43.           Customer Shipto Addresses

Allows setting up multiple shipto addresses for one customer.During order entry the user can select from a list of these addresses and the shipto address on the order will be automatically filled in.Allows having one customer with multiple shipping addresses without creating multiple shipto customers.




44.           Consolidated Stock Transfer Creation

Stock transfers are created at specified times during the day for all orders that were entered with a ďTĒ in the lineitem branch field.This way, a stock transfer is not created for every order.


45.           Vendor Minimums for PO Entry

Allows setting up minimum qty, weight or $value by vendor and warns user if minimums are not met during PO entry.