Reasonable Costs

            1 to 30 users                $25/month (20 mb/user)

            31 to 60 users              $50/month ("")

            61 to 100 users            $75/month ("")


Professional management

            Pathfinders software maintains and hosts your email domain.

            They provide server maintenance, security, backups and expertise.

 If you do not yet have a domain address (ie they will help you get one.


Browser management

            You will do all setup and management of your email server over a web browser.

            You will simply go to MAIL.YOURADDR (ie MAIL.VENDIG.COM) to set up new users, review disk usage, etc.  Email can be forwarded to another address if desired.  Automatic messages may be generated (for example, "Thanks for your email.  I'm on vacation this week but will call you when I return).


Reading your email

            Users may read/compose email 24 hours a day my calling into your mail server site. 



Site Administration is also done thru any web browser.



you may review usage statistics from this same menu:




Can be used even if you do not have a DSL line or will be travelling and will not have access to one

            In this case you would simply use any dial up internet service such as AOL to

            Connect to your email service over the web.